Sound Therapy

Sound – The Ultimate Relaxation and Creative Experience.

Sound Baths or Sound Journeys can create an amazing change in peoples stress levels. 

In a Sound Journey or a Sound Bath, you lie down comfortably, gently shut your eyes, and are taken through a guided meditation journey of breathing and deep relaxation, sound then takes over and brings you on an inner journey to help you de-stress and release your tensions, pains and fears (depending on the intention set).

Sound taps into both the physical body and psychological mind, changing brain waves, thoughts and emotions and the chemistry of the body, 

Benefits of Sound Journey Mediation – The benefits of Sound Therapy is very similar to all meditation, it is dynamic, it added benefit is that there is no hard work, it bypasses the mind, words on the nervous system, stops the mind chatter, creating a total calming effect.  

Sound in addition to Wellness influences creativity & innovation in corporate settings.

Sound Journey Mediation – (Corporate / Organisation / Education) Sound Journey programs to support wellness, self-care, and mindfulness.(Once off, sets of 5, 10, or 20, wellness hours, Half day and full day workshops also available, and can be customised to the need of the organisation)


Let us help you develop a culture of well-being in your business, with our customisable on or off site wellbeing workshops for you and your staff.

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